Please use this website to pay for your participation of your meetings or trainings which are being organized by WPP Group companies.

Before you start the payment, please make sure that the conference organiser as well as your local manager have agreed on your participation.

How to use this website:

  1. Click on 'Pay A Meeting', choose whether you participate a training or a conference, and then choose your meeting
  2. Register your details, use your email address as your username. Unless you have registered here already, you will have to register yourself as a first-time user (scroll down on the relevant site)
  3. Click on 'Checkout' and process the Credit Card payment. Many companies have an Amex Meetings Card / Amex Central Billing Card, which can be used as well as your personal Amex card. Only an American Express cards will be accepted here.
  4. Take the invoice and reclaim it from your company via your local T&E process
  5. If you don't delay the reclaim, you will typically have received the cash from your claim against your employer prior to the debit of your credit card.
  6. If you receive airmiles on your credit card then feel free to use them.


Transaction fee: there will be a transaction fee of 2.45% added. On the other hand your company will get a kick back of approx. 0.7% of all transactions with your Amex card after year end from Amex via WPP - so the net transaction costs are only 1.75%, which is less than what the bank would charge most of the companies on average for paying the  conference in a "traditional" way (international bank transfer). The administrative process savings are on top and for free.


Amex Meeting Card / Amex Central Billing Card: if your company does not have such a card, then please get in touch with one of the following persons at American Express. As this card is a new product it is better to contact those dedicated central WPP contacts at Amex directly, rather than contacting your local Amex office. They will help you and forward the request to the relevant contact persons.

EMEA:      phone: +44-207-943-3207







All other countries:    phone: +1-877-296-4324


Have a good meeting,

Your Conference Team 



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